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Screen Printed Apparel

Female Model Wearing Screen Printed T-Shirt
Since 2008 JB Screen Printing & Embroidery has been providing Custom Apparel Printing services in New York City to countless individuals, organizations, and events! Our commitment to going above and beyond for you is known throughout the industry. Whether you are in search of Screen Printed T-Shirts, Tote Bags, or similar Textiles, then you've come to the right place! Take a look below at an array of Plastisol Ink Colors we offer. If you want to get more color specific, hop on over to our PANTONE® Station which will show you a supplemental array of colors and corresponding color codes!

Custom Screen Printing

Standard Plastisol Screen Setup Fee Per Color / Print: 15"w x 16"h - $45.00

Oversize Plastisol Screen Setup Fee Per Color / Print: 20"w x 20"h - $90.00

Print Solutions

Our standard Screen Printing is carried out using eco-friendly plastisol inks that do not crack and fade overtime or after multiple washes. We have the capability of Screen Printing up to 13 colors on white, light, and dark colored garments. We also offer several additives that enable us to achieve a variety of textures and effects!


Depending on the type of Garment or Artwork you would like Screen Printed, we can offer different size screens to fit your needs. Below you will see two garment categories laid out with the maximum suggested print size for each. Anything within those parameters constitutes as that particular print size. For instance, if you decide to Screen Print an oversized image, you can use the whole print area within the parameters of 20"W x 20"H


Remember that each production consists of one print size! The image size printed will not vary based on the size of the Garment. Please choose the best size Artwork to fit across all of your Garment sizes. We are happy to create multiple Artwork sizes, but each will be considered a new Screen and priced as such. Therefore, a 15" wide Art file may fit great on the front of a size XL or XXL T-Shirt, but keep in mind this will result in the image being too big for a size Small or Medium T-Shirt.

Halftone Screen Printing is a printing technique that utilizes pixels to acheive a graphic or photo, requiring only a single color process, the method is acheived by applying a Halftone to your artwork in addition to the specific positioning of pixels which inturn results in the appearance of shade and dimension when viewed from afar. Halftone Screen Printing appears best when there is a defined contrast between the print color and the background (T-Shirt Color). For example, a White T-Shirt will yield the best results when paired with black plastisol ink.

Halftone Printed Image
Halftone Screen Printing is not only a process but an Art as an experienced designer needs to determine where to increase or decrease the spread of pixels for a seamless finish.
Due to the fact the Halftone Screen Printing technique utilizes one ink color to produce an effect, this makes it a cost effective solution to your project versus printing multiple colors to account for shades and tones at the various points of your Artwork. Experience is an understatement at JB Screen Printing & Embroidery; Our Graphic Designers posses a deep rooted passion for the craft, in addition to a vast comprehension of all things pixel and ink related!
The first stage of Halftone Screen Printing entails you the artist creating a high resolution design which allows for optimal clarity and print resolution. If your Artwork is of low resoltuion, then the pixel seperation effect from the Halftone process won't be clear when viewed. If you need help determining the eligiblity of your Artwork, feel free to fill out our Art & Design Form with your design specs and a team member will follow up with Art direction :)

Water-based VS. Plastisol Screen Printing

a tale of two techniques...

Plastisol ink has come a long way throughout the history of Screen Printing, by omitting chemicals such as Phthalate which contain PVC resin and plasticizer. Water-based inks are much more Eco-friendly because they are completely PVC free and, hence the name, water-based, which means they are composed of a solvent base consisting of water. They're about as Eco-conscious as we can get in our line of work.

In Screen Printing, the term "Soft Hand" is used to describe the feel of the printed product. In the case of Water-based Screen Printing, clients can expect a print that will be soft to the touch, less opaque, and virtually non-existent due to the fact that Water-based Screen Printing works by dying and sublimating into the fabric versus traditional Plastisol Screen Printing which you can feel even after washing and results in a somewhat raised finish. Some clients will request Plastisol Screen Printing for this very reason, and therefore you should consider the look and feel you are trying to achieve within your project.
Durability and longevity play a big role in Water-based Screen Printing. Because the inks Dye the fabric, versus printing on top of them, the ink permeates and becomes one with the fabric. Plastisol is both durable and long-lasting and will result in a print that will feel raised to the touch with much more texture. Your specific design and fabric blend may require us to implement a Discharge method in the event we are Screen Printing onto dark colored Garments, we need to add an extra element that in-turn bleaches the original color out of the area of the Garment that you intend to Screen Print onto. In the event that you wanted to achieve a worn or vintage look, we would skip the Discharge layer and this would result in a tonal / faded effect. If your Garment is White or a Light color than by default we will omit the Discharge layer. Please keep in mind that color matching verbatim to a Pantone Color Code for example on Dark color Garments and 50/50 Blends will result in mismatched colors. To avoid this we stick to 100% Cotton Blends and preferably White and Light Garments. For help preparing your specific Artwork accordingly or choosing the proper fabric blend to achieve your desired results, please contact us for information tailored specifically to your project.









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