Choose from an option of Sewn or Printed Clothing Labels

Custom Apparel Relabeling takes your branding to the next level. If Printing, your Label is applied with your logo and care instructions. If Sewing, you will provide us with your Care Labels and we will sew them in according to your specifics unless you would like for us to provide you with Screen Printed Labels. If your Garments contain existing Care Labels, we can remove them at no additional cost to you!

Fully customize your Garments with Custom Printed Care Labels

Labels are Printed directly onto your Garment using a minimal amount of ink to ensure a soft and lasting finish which prevents the ink from bleeding through to the back of the shirt. If you prefer to not Print the Label, please note that we can also offer you Embroidered Fabric which can later be Cut & Sewn.


Please note that in some cases when Screen Printing Clothing Labels using dark inks onto light colored Garments, you will almost always end up with an impression that shows through the back of the shirt. This can be avoided by using lighter ink colors and heavier fabric blends.


Many garment manufacturers are now offering their products with tear away labels.
These labels are easily removed so that we can Print your Care Label inside.

In the event that we need to remove a sewn-in label, we snip the label off as close to the neck tape as possible, as a result there may be material remains but they are generally minor, unnoticeable, and fall out over time.


We do not want our clients to incur the additional cost of hiring a tailor to unstitch the collar seams of their T-Shirts in order to remove the Clothing Label. Therefore, we trim the existing tags prior to Screen Printing or Sewing your Custom Clothing Label.

When done correctly, trimming will leave a very clean finish with little to no tag residue showing. When done poorly, the integrity of the neckline can be compromised by accidentally compromising the stitching or even worse, the cutting through the actual garment.

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