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Embroidered Fabric is a part of the Cut & Sew process, Embroidered Fabric assists in the manufacture and construction of your Clothing or Textile component. We handle everything in-house from concept and design to embellishment and construction of the final product.

Centering your design is crucial to the process of Embroidered Fabric. If you're concerned with getting your Logo or Artwork centered, go ahead and outline your pattern on tracing or marking paper. Next, lay your Fabric over the outline you just created and mark lightly with a chalk or fabric pencil.

As a rule of thumb, Cut and Sew garments are generally higher in craftsmanship and cost than a standard mass-produced item. Brands like VFILES, Supreme, COACH and Louis Vuitton sell 'Cut and Sew' lines, which are most commonly products like button up shirts, limited edition outerwear and other high-ticket items.

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